About Us

A Celebration of Grace

Amazing Grace” remains one of the most recognized songs of the Christian faith. Grace is God’s favor and love that we can never earn but that He freely gives. Grace is God’s never-ending love, steadfast mercy and tender compassion applied to our human brokenness. No wonder we call such grace amazing. Our mission is to dispense grace and our worship is a celebration of grace!

A Journey of Transformation

The early Christians were called “people of the way,” and the Christian life today is aptly described as following Jesus along the “way.” This “way” of following Jesus is a journey of transformation where we are changed by our encounters with the one who is the “Way, the Truth and the Life.” (see John 14:6) Transformed lives lead to a transformed society. Some call it discipleship; here at First Baptist we emphasize small groups, but it is all an exciting journey of transformation.

A Community On Mission

As the people of God, we have received grace that transforms us and we are compelled to dispense such amazing grace to all persons we encounter along the way. We are a community of diverse people bound together as children of God. We come from different backgrounds, ethnicities, education levels and even from different countries but we are a family on a journey. Seeking to dispense grace and display love in our homes, neighborhoods, city, state, nation and world, we are a community on mission. 

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