Our Nursery is located on the 1st floor, just up the stairs after you enter at the southeast set of doors. The nursery serves children ages 6 weeks-through Preschool. We welcome families with babies younger than 6 weeks to use our facilities to change diapers and/or our rocking chairs and privacy curtain to feed their newborns. At any time after your baby is 6 weeks old, you are welcome to leave your precious one in our care while you attend small group and worship service. Children are generally divided by age, but developmental readiness is most important. Your family will always be consulted before moving your child up to a new classroom environment!

What to Bring
When packing a diaper bag for your child, please include and label the following items: disposable diapers and wipes, pacifier or other security item, a complete change of clothes should your child require it and a bottle if applicable. Water and snacks are provided each week; only send additional foods if dietary restrictions apply.

We are confident that your child willl enjoy their time while in our care. However, separation can be difficult. We have found that the longer a well-meaning parent lingers, the more difficult the transition becomes. We assure you that we will love your child the way we would our own and when we are not able to console them within a reasonable amount of time, we will notify you via text or locate you in to come comfort your child.

Sunday Morning 9:30 AM-Noon

Our children 6 weeks-Preschool will have an exciting morning with caring volunteers as they sing songs, play games, listen to a Bible story, enjoy a snack, make a craft, learn a Bible verse and so much more! It is our hope that by the time our children enter Kindergarten, they will understand three big ideas:

  1. God made me.
  2. God loves me.
  3. Jesus wants to be my friend forever.

When children fully accept these three truths, their hearts are ready to hear what else God has to say. We are currently using the First Look curriculum. Each week you will receive a handout, activities and/or memory verse card each designed for you to use with your child at home to support their understanding. To complement the First Look curriculum at home, be sure to check out the Parent Cue App currently available on iTunes or Google Play.

Wednesday Night 6-7:30 PM

Children 6 weeks old-Preschool are invited to come play with us on Wednesday evenings while families attend small groups, meetings, Worship, etc. Wednesday nights are a fun time where we extend our weekly Bible Story and spend time learning about missions.

During Mission Friends our preschoolers will explore different aspects of missions. Each month a different missionary is featured in the stories and activities. The children will use hands-on activities to explore different cultures, missionary lifestyles and ministries. Water and snack will be served. Please be sure to feed your child dinner prior to any evening nursery programming.

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